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If this is your first visit to The SaabMuseum.com (TSM) then there is one or two items of information that may help you find your way around.


Most importantly, TSM is not affiliated, sponsored, supported nor endorsed by Saab Automobile AB. TSM is the work of one individual, a lifelong enthusiast of the marque. In this instance, the term Saab Museum and the domain saabmuseum.com are used purely as descriptive means to identify this website containing information about the history of Saab automobiles.


The motivation for TSM was the publication of the author's own photos together with his research and reading about the history of the marque. The author's aim is a comprehensive history of the Saab marque as opposed to other websites on the subject that are just scanned from the official Saab Bil Museum publication.


TSM has been designed to be functional and easily navigated. There are a number of ways to find your way around TSM. On each page you will see

Navigation Screenshot
Featured models - this is the strip of large numbers at the top of each page. Each one is a Saab model and clicking on it will take you to the history of the chosen Saab.

Model Time line - this is the small text at the top and the bottom of each page that maps out the evolution of Saab. Click on them in turn for a chronological progression or jump straight to the model of interest.

At the left-hand side you will see:
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Logo - click on this on any page to be returned to the main page on TSM.
Model - this is the first page in any model section and will give a brief history of that particular Saab.
Tech Specs - This gives a typical technical specification of the Saab model. Due to the various engine options available, more particularly on recent Saabs, this is indicative rather than definitive. Further tech specs for recent models may be added in the future.
MY Changes - Model Year changes indicate the significant differences between model years of a particular model.
Associated Links - This provides links to other Saab websites on the internet that TSM believes to be of relevance or interest. These links are not exhaustive, nor are they meant to be. They are just a recommendation of some of the sites available.
Navigation Screenshot
FAQ - Frequently asked questions. This will develop depending on the type of feedback that TSM receives. Always useful to check here to see if your query has already been answered.
Newsletter - sign up your email address here to be kept in touch with developments on TSM. These newsletters will only be occasional.
Contact Us - this is the means to provide TSM with feedback. Tell us what you like, what you don't like and rate our site, if you wish. If you have a request or recommendation make it here and we will do our best to help.