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Saab 95 history
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Saab 95 History
Model Years 1959 to 1966
(see also 95V4 1967 to 1978)

Saab 95 Station Wagon

Saab unveiled the Saab 95 Station Wagon in May 1959. The early 95s were a mixture of components including the two-stroke 841cc engine from the forthcoming, and as yet unannounced, Saab 96. It was equipped with a four speed gearbox and the rear-hinged "suicide" doors were from the 93.

Early 95s did not have the rear spoiler (also known as the cheese slice) on the roof, the purpose of which was to direct airflow down across the rear window and so keep it free of dirt. A few of the 1960 models had front hinged doors and no spoiler.

Saab 95 Station Wagon

The 95 was versatile - being able to carry up to 500kg of luggage in a load space that could be varied. In the luggage compartment there was a foldaway bench seat for two making the 95 a two, five or even seven seater vehicle.

The model that is preserved in the Saab museum at Trollhättan is a 1959 with shiny metal panels on the rear pillars. These are not a feature on the production model.

The last Saab 95 was manufactured in 1978, the very last one off the production line now on show in the museum.

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